Hanger Clamps

A pipe hanger is a device used to support a pipe or group of pipes from a slab, beam, ceiling, or other structural element.

C Clamps: are used to attach I beams, channels, and wide flange beams. These clamps are called "C" clamps because of their C shaped design.

Straps & Riser Clamps: are used to clamp tubing flush to the surface in both vertical and horizontal applications. Riser clamps are used for supporting piping through floors where extreme load conditions exist.

Clevis Hangers: are used to suspend non-insulated or insulated stationary pipe. They are available in copper, carbon steel, and electro-galvanized finishes for non-insulated pipe applications. Insulated-pipe applications require a unique insulated coupling clevis hanger. These hangers mount directly to strut or suspended hanger rods.

Swivel Rings: are used to suspend pipe from joists, steel beams, wooden rafters or walls. They can be used in horizontal or vertical applications. Split Rings are designed to support non-insulated stationary pipe lines. They can suspend pipe from joists, steel beams, wooden rafters, or walls. They can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications.

Available sizes: as per customer requirements.
Available materials: Carbon Steel, grade 316/A4 stainless steel (SS), hot dip galvanised (HDG) and zinc plated (BZP)