Rock Bolts

Rock bolting is a primary means of rock reinforcement used to stabilize excavated rock in underground mines and tunneling. Rock bolts are systematically arranged in such a manner as to transfer the load from the unstable surface or exterior of the rock, to the stronger interior part of the rock.

Self-Drilling Rock Bolt is a rock-bolting system based ona fully coarse threaded hollow bar.
It is especially recommended for the following applications :
- Roof and wall bolting.
- All ground conditions. Self Drilling Rock Bolts do not require to pre-drill a hole, therefore making it usable even in soft rock conditions.
- Installation with grout. The hollow steel anchor rod also acts as a grouting pipe to ease set up. For non-grouting applications, please refer to Mechanical Anchor or Expandable Friction bolt.
- Temporary or permanent applications. With optional epoxy coating available for permanent applications.