Thread Studs

Compared with threaded bolts, fully threaded studs have no head, are threaded along their entire length, and have a higher tensile strength. These studs are usually fastened with two nuts and used with objects that must be assembled and dissembled quickly. Our stud rods or studs come in a diverse range of styles to provide durability and a lasting hold in any application. The available studs are fully threaded studs, threaded studs double ended, threaded plugs, threaded studs with hex bolts, threaded studs with coupling nut and washers.

Coating: Zinc Plated, Hot Dip Galvanized, Stainless steel, Black, PTFE, Yellow, Dracomet, TIN, Client Specific Requirements
Standard: ASTM / ASME / BS / DIN / JIS / BS EN ISO
Material: Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel.
Dia Range: M10 TO M100 AND 3/8” TO 4”
Threads: ANSI B 1.1 Class 2A Fit (Imperial) , ANSI B 1.13M 6g (Metric)