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The Fasteners House is providing you the best range of Coil Rods with effective & timely delivery.The Construction Coil Rods are also known with other names like construction form work coil rod, high carbon steel rod, thread coil rod, high carbon wire rod, tensile strength of steel, tensile strength of steel, high alloy welding rod, insert rod, high carbon fly rod, high carbon rod, coil spring wire rod, coiled steel wire rod, coil rod for concrete, construction coil rod, coil rod, high tensile steel rods, high tensile threading rod, high tensile wire rod, hi tensile coil rod etc.

Coil Rods Specifications

Diameters : 1/2 to 2"
Stock Lengths : 12 foot
Grades : Coil Rod are made of Grade 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 8.8 diameter rod. The threaded portions are UNC coarse threads with no chamfer on the ends.
Finishes/ Color :Blue Finish, Golden Finish,Green Finish,Black Finish, Natural Finish, White Finish, Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)

About Coil Rods / Tie Rods

Coil rods, also known as tie rods or coil ties, are essential components used in concrete formwork systems. They provide strength and stability to the formwork during the concrete pouring and curing process. Here are some key points about coil rods:

Function: Coil rods are used to tie and secure formwork panels together. They help maintain the correct spacing and alignment of the formwork, ensuring the poured concrete retains the desired shape and dimensions.

Design: Coil rods typically have a threaded design, allowing for easy adjustment and secure fastening. The threads are often continuous, enabling the use of various types of form ties, nuts, and accessories.

Material: They are usually made of high-strength steel to withstand the significant pressures exerted by wet concrete. This material choice ensures durability and reliability in demanding construction environments.

Sizes: Coil rods come in various diameters and lengths to accommodate different formwork requirements. The choice of size depends on the specific needs of the project, such as the thickness of the concrete and the dimensions of the formwork.

Applications: Coil rods are commonly used in the construction of walls, columns, beams, and other concrete structures. They are an integral part of the formwork systems used in residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects.

Accessories: In addition to the rods themselves, various accessories are used in conjunction with coil rods, including coil nuts, coil washers, and coil bolts. These accessories help secure the rods and ensure the stability of the formwork system.

Our Main Export Countries

ASIA - Thailand, Singapore, Sri lanka, Bangladesh
Middle East - Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan
Europe - United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, France, Croatia, Spain
South America - Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay
Africa - Ghana, South Africa

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Wholesale Fasteners manufacturers exporters suppliers in India
Wholesale Fasteners manufacturers exporters suppliers in India
Wholesale Fasteners manufacturers exporters suppliers in India