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The Fasteners House is the best leading high-quality Washers Manufacturer in India. We have a wide range of Washers, with ready stock for export and supply. As, we are the Specialized Washers Manufacturer in India, also We take orders as per the customers’ requirements. We are India’s largest manufacturer of bigger diameter washers and bolts in high tensile and stainless steel grades, as well as fasteners, for major contractors and consultants working on projects in the power, renewable energy, wind, and infrastructure sectors in India. We also specialize in stainless steel Bolts, Nuts, and other fasteners. Our Steel Washers range includes Plain Washers, Flat Washers, Wedge Lock Washers, Square Washer, Spring Lock Washer, Self Locking Washer, Sealing Washer, Plain Flat Washer, Ogee Washer, Industrial Washer, hexagon washer, Hex Washer, Finishing Washer, Fender Washer, Conical Washer, Countersunk Washer, Square Beveled Washer, Curved Wave Washer, External Tooth Lock Washer, Internal Tooth Lock Washers, Internal Tab Washers, lock washer fastener, Wedge Lock Washers, Tab Washer, Structural Washers etc.

Plain Washer Manufacturers in India: About Plain Washer Fasteners

A Plain Washer is a thin plate (usually disk-shaped) with a hole (usually in the middle) that is normally used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as a bolt or nut. Other uses are as a spacer, spring washer, wear pad, preload indicating device, locking device, and to reduce vibration (rubber washer). Washers often have an outer diameter (OD) about twice their inner diameter (ID), but this can vary quite widely. Washers are usually made of metal or plastic depending on the use.
Plain Washer Manufacturers in India: Industrial Plain Washer -

- Oil & Gas Industries
- Defence Industry
- Petroleum Industries
- Chemical Industry
- Aerospace Industry
- Nuclear Energy Sector

Wide Range Of Sizes And Materials

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low carbon steel, Alloy carbon steel, High Tensile, Nickel Alloy, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium
Size: M02 to M33
Standard: ASTM / ASME / BS / EN/ ISO /DIN / JIS
Coating: Zinc plated, Stainless steel, Hot dip galvanised, Dracomet, PTFE, Black, Yellow
Threads: UNC,UNF, 8UN, Metric Fine, Metric Course

Additional Information -

Payment Modes: LC(Letter of Credit), TT(Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque and others.
Packaging: Plain Washer are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our clients as good as he would expect.
Port of Dispatch: Mumbai or Kalamboli ports in Maharashtra state of India.
Note: The size, quantity, quality and other details of the Plain Washer will be written/printed on the packaging of the shipment for convenience.

Our Main Export Countries

ASIA - Thailand, Singapore, Sri lanka, Bangladesh
Middle East - Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan
Europe - United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, France, Croatia, Spain
South America - Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay
Africa - Ghana, South Africa

Steel Washers Exporter in Countries

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Steel Washers Manufacturers Suppliers in India

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Wholesale Fasteners manufacturers exporters suppliers in India
Wholesale Fasteners manufacturers exporters suppliers in India
Wholesale Fasteners manufacturers exporters suppliers in India
Wholesale Fasteners manufacturers exporters suppliers in India